Preserving Access to Rural Care (PARC) Task Force

Founded in 2015, the Preserving Access to Rural Care (PARC) Task Force works to create and sustain a viable rural delivery model, built upon a culture of trust and collaboration, and upheld through visionary leadership.


  • Guadalupe County Hospital
  • Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services
  • Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center
  • Regional Presbyterian Healthcare Services
  • Holy Cross/Taos Health System
  • Gila Regional Medical Center

Staff:  Steve Stoddard,

Guiding Principles

  1. Scalable and sustainable model, founded in transparency and accountability, with a viable payment system
  2. Access to core/essential clinically integrated physical, mental and social services for all populations
  3. Patient-centered approach with a focus on efficiency, quality and patient satisfaction
  4. Sufficient and engaged workforce with innovative use of human and technology resources to ensure access
  5. Driven by community needs at the population level, as defined by data and community input
  6. Do No Harm to existing payment mechanisms

In May 2016, NMHA received a Safety Net Advancement Center (SNAC) grant from Arizona State University to support preliminary clinical integration in the NE quadrant of New Mexico.