COVID-19 Resource Library


We're compiling and posting documents useful to New Mexico hospital leadership and staff. We've categorized materials from recent member conference calls and e-mail alerts by subject matter, and then into two categories:

1. Official/approved guidance is identified by issuing entity and release date.
2. Sample documents are presented as examples only and no endorsement or official position is implied.

The State has a support line specifically for healthcare workers. It's available 24/7 to connect the hospital community to a professional counselor. Reasons to call 855-507-5509:

  • COVID-19 challenges at work or home 
  • stress, fear, anxiety or sadness about the essential work you are doing for others
  • the emotional impact of isolation due to physical distancing
  • to talk about what you are feeling, seeing, and hearing about in this pandemic
  • to talk about how to help a friend, colleague, or family member  you are concerned about 
Download the flyer to post and share.

FEMA: The Healthcare Resilience Task Force has created a COVID-19 Hospital Resource Package as a comprehensive resource offering guidance on common crisis challenges (15 April, 2020)

CMS: This Virtual Toolkit on COVID-19 includes all CMS partner resources, like podcasts and stakeholder calls (15 April, 2020)

CDC: Comprehensive Hospital Preparedness Checklist for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (25 March, 2019)

NM DOH: New Mexico COVID-19 Guide to Managing Facilities (23 March, 2020)


Our friends at the Colorado Hospital Association have shared Re-imagining Leadership: A pathway for rural health to thrive in a COVID-19 world, pdf make take a minute to download (2 December, 2020)

NM DOH published an overview document providing guidance on Policies for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in New Mexico, for members of the public, health care providers and employers (28, August 2020)

CMS now requires hospitals to report COVID-19 data to HHS in order to participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs (25 August, 2020).

HHS Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response:  Compiled guidance and resources for hospitals. (July 2020).

Status Report Hospital Financial Impact and Relief Funding
Related to COVID-19 Pandemic
(15 July, 2020)

NM DOH: Housing assistance is available for workers and patients who need to isolate away from home, including homeless folks who need safety. Read about Emergency Support Function #6

Hospital Services Corporation COVID-19 Resources
HSC, NMHA's for-profit counterpart, is open for business and providing services that are critical to hospitals--now more than ever.  From rapid-response staffing to emergency licensure and privileges, We're here to help. Read more.

Lovelace Health System New Mexico Resources
On April 16, NMHA coordinated a webinar with member colleagues from Lovelace who have shared these helpful documents on PPE, supplies and planning: 

Crisis Standards of Care (CSC)
Guidance of the State of New Mexico Medical Advisory Team (MAT)

New HHS/ASPR: In support of hospital planning, agencies have compiled immediately implementable resources to help with COVID-19 preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation efforts, focusing on crisis standards of care (CSC). 16 December, 2020

Find all MAT resources:


Medically Necessary Healthcare, Scheduled/Elective Surgery

Find all MAT resources:

NM MAT: Resources for Re-Opening Medically Necessary Healthcare Services
Rohini McKee, MD, MPH, FACS, FASCRS, Workgroup Chair, is available for consultation with hospital teams







Covid-safe Kids:  Back-to-School Posters
NMHA has partnered with our friends at the Missouri Hospital Association to provide a little inspiration to New Mexico’s students:  superheroes in the fight against covid-19. Whether we learn remotely, by hybrid model or in-person—we all have the power to evade (by social distancing!), destroy (by washing hands!) and defend against (mask up!) the virus. We’re providing child-friendly, comic book style posters to promote covid-safe practices and empower our kids—in English and Spanish. Download them now.

University of Washington Hospitals

University of Washington Medicine Resource Site
Since February, clinical and administrative teams throughout the UW System (Harborview Medical Center, UW Medical Center-Montlake, UW Medical Center-Northwest, Valley Medical Center, UW Neighborhood Clinics and Airlift Northwest) and partners Seattle Cancer Care Alliance have developed policies and protocols in response to the outbreak in Western Washington.  This link is provided as an additional resource for information and sample documents.


Clinical Care

PPE/Supplies (see also, Medication/Medical Devices)

NM DOH HAN:  Guidance for the Development of a Policy Prohibiting the Use of Makeup and Other Contaminants by Employees of Organizations Utilizing the Battelle Decontamination System for Authorized N-95 Masks (14 July, 2020). Also see Battelle's Guide for Identifying FDA EUA Authorized N95 Respirators for Battelle CCDS™ Processing (Updated 10 July, 2020) and system infographic (28 April, 2020, below).

FDA: Revised policy on types of respirators that can be decontaminated for reuse, due to varying design-and performance results of Chinese-manufactured respirators (7 June, 2020)

NM DOH:  New Mexico Approves Battelle Critical Care Decontamination Systems (CCDS) for PPE and opens site at Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho. Read more and view the product presentation and infographic from Battelle (28 April, 2020)

DOH Requires Reporting Compliance from Hospitals and Emergency Managers to Maintain Eligibility to Receive PPE from the State and Validates the Process to Request PPE Resources (24 April, 2020)

Emergency Supply Sourcing & PPE Request Process  (29 April , 2020)

  1. For PPE or medical supply requests, contact your county or city emergency manager who is working directly with the State and provide a 213RR PPE request form 
  2. Emergency managers who cannot fulfill requests directly must communicate directly with the state to request fulfillment/additional supplies        
  3. The state launched the COVID-19 Emergency Supply Collaborative site to coordinate sourcing . Several federal, state, and local entities are involved, seeking to to connect medical providers with solutions and suppliers. Complete the Healthcare Provider Need Survey for the collaborative.  
  4. Submitting your survey via the collaborative does not replace the immediate PPE or medical supply needs request through your county or city emergency manager

PPE/Supplies, continued...



AHA:  The American Hospital Association has vetted several organizations with capacity to help partner with hospitals who need expanded healthcare workforce as rates rise again (20 July, 2020)