COVID-19 Relief Funding Resources

We're tracking developments as policies to help hospitals manage decreasing revenue and increased costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic are disseminated and implemented. Check back for updates.

New AHA Guidance on complying with terms and conditions of the CARES Act
Monies for Covid-19 relief to hospitals derive from four federal laws passed March 4, March 8, March 27, and April 24. Two tranches have been distributed: the general (to all MCRE providers from 2019) and the targeted (to high impact, rural, IHS, MCD, CHP, Safety Net, uninsured, LTC). Funds must be used for “preventing, preparing for, and responding to coronavirus...shall only be used to reimburse for HC related expenses or lost revenues that are attributable to C19.”  Terms & conditions to keep the funds are different for each fund and hospitals are required to attest through the HHS portal, within 90 days. (11 June, 2020)

  1. Jones Day, CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Basis, Formulas, and What the Funds Are To Be Used For, Specific Tranche/Distribution Basis and Formula(s)
  2. Jones Day, CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Terms and Conditions